A week of inspirational maths and planting vegetables

We have had a brilliant second week in Year One. In Maths we were learning a lot about how our brains grow as we learn new things and challenge ourselves and we took part in lots of activities which encouraged us to think and work together. Our teachers were very impressed with our mature attitude and comments during these sessions, such as “when we try new things our brains get stronger” and “when you think you can’t do something you just keep trying and then you can do it”.

We also had a great time today in Forest School despite the bad weather. We prepared the soil, dug up lots of potatoes and planted a range of vegetables such as beetroot, turnips and spinach. Watch this space to see how our crops turn out!

img_5703 img_5704 img_5705 img_5706 img_5707 img_5711 img_5712 img_5713 img_5714 img_5715 img_5716 img_5717 img_5718 img_5719 img_5720 img_5721 img_5722 img_5723 img_5724 img_5725 img_5726 img_5727 img_5728 img_5729 img_5730 img_5731 img_5732 img_5733 img_5734 img_5735 img_5736 img_5737 img_5738 img_5739 img_5740 img_5743 img_5744 img_5745 img_5746 img_5747 img_5751 img_5752 img_5753 img_5754 img_5755 img_5757 img_5758 img_5759 img_5760 img_5762 img_5763 img_5764 img_5765 img_5766 img_5767 img_5769 img_5770 img_5771 img_5772 img_5773 img_5774 img_5775 img_5776 img_5777 img_5778 img_5779 img_5780 img_5781 img_5783 img_5784 img_5785 img_5786 img_5787 img_5788 img_5789 img_5790 img_5791 img_5792 img_5796 img_5797 img_5798 img_5799 img_5801 img_5802 img_5803 img_5808 img_5809 img_5812 img_5813 img_5817 img_5824

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