Making Elf Homes

Today in Forest School, Year 1 and 2 worked together to make woodland homes for any Christmas Elves who may be visiting Wroxham over the next few weeks. It was lovely to see so much teamwork and enjoyment from the children.

img_6460 img_6461 img_6462 img_6463 img_6464 img_6465 img_6466 img_6467 img_6469 img_6470 img_6473 img_6475 img_6476 img_6478 img_6479 img_6480 img_6481 img_6526 img_6527 img_6528 img_6529 img_6530 img_6531 img_6532 img_6533 img_6534 img_6537 img_6538 img_6542 img_6543 img_6544 img_6545 img_6546 img_6547 img_6548 img_6549 img_6550 img_6551 img_6552 img_6553 img_6554 img_6555 img_6556 img_6560 img_6561 img_6562 img_6563 img_6564 img_6565 img_6566 img_6567 img_6568 img_6569 img_6572 img_6573 img_6574 img_6575 img_6576 img_6578 img_6579 img_6581 img_6582 img_6585 img_6586 img_6587 img_6588 img_6589


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