Takeover Day!

We all had a wonderful time taking on different roles on Friday! Thank you for all your efforts. It was great to see the children sharing their skills and carrying out new jobs. A huge well done to you all!

img_6268 img_6270 img_6279 img_6280 img_6281 img_6289 img_6290 img_6293 img_6294 img_6295 img_6296 img_6297 img_6299 img_6311 img_6312 img_6328 img_6329 img_6330 img_6331 img_6332 img_6333 img_6334 img_6335 img_6336 img_6337 img_6338 img_6339 img_6340 img_6341 img_6342 img_6353 img_6354 img_6355 img_6361 img_6362 img_6366 img_6368 img_6369 img_6370 img_6372 img_6373 img_6374 img_6375 img_6376 img_6378 img_6381 img_6382 img_6383 img_6384 img_6385 img_6388 img_6389 img_6390 img_6391 img_6393 img_6394 img_6395 img_6396 img_6397 img_6398 img_6399 img_6400 img_6401 img_6402 img_6403 img_6404 img_6405 img_6406 img_6407 img_6408 img_6410 img_6411

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