Tree Spirits

This week we made tree spirits in Forest School. We had a great time getting muddy. We also tried out some new activities in PE. Check out some of our photos!

img_5940 img_5942 img_5944 img_5945 img_5946 img_5947 img_5948 img_5949 img_5950 img_5951 img_5952 img_5955 img_5956 img_5957 img_5958 img_5959 img_5960 img_5961 img_5962 img_5963 img_5964 img_5965 img_5966 img_5967 img_5969 img_5970 img_5971 img_5972 img_5973 img_5974 img_5977 img_5978 img_5979 img_5980 img_5981 img_5982 img_5983 img_5984 img_5985 img_5986 img_5987 img_5988 img_5989

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